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The history of the Pibeste “ecovillage” campsite

Once upon a time, the Dusserm family had a common dream: “to discover the beauty of the Pyrenees”.
In 1989 we decided to combine our skills and knowledge. Our common skill is to know the mountains, in particular the Pibeste nature reserve and the Pyrenees National Park, in short, to be mountain people who love wide open spaces. It is this mountain lifestyle that we want to share with the people, families and groups that we have the pleasure of welcoming. We have symbolised this spirit in the stone sculpture at the entrance to the campsite.

Our plans and dreams were realised on the farmland where the dairy cows used to graze. This peasant family culture is part of the Dusserm family. Grandpa Jules used to tell us about his trips to the mountains, the transhumance to Gavarnie on foot with the herd of cows, Pierre, our uncle, was the milk, Colette was “the tour”, the local sale of berlingots at home in Lourdes. The first years our uncle asked us to let the grass grow until June to make the hay at the campsite. This work close to nature, the taste for work well done, the mutual aid, the desire to meet people has shaped the heart of the Dusserm family. In 2008 we were awarded the “Prix de l’Accueil” and we explained that it was our rural culture that shaped our welcome.

Bertrand, our elder brother, who was present at the creation of the campsite, was a fervent defender of the concept of outdoor activities during the day + entertainment for all the public every evening: every week Sylvain and Bertrand wanted to make people discover at all costs the Brèche de Roland, with its legend, followed by the Taillon, a small 3000 m high place in the Pyrenees National Park. Gérard and Odette defended the easy lakes accessible to all the family and Luc the nights in refuge. We didn’t have enough days for all the mountain activities such as mountain biking, paragliding, rafting, canyoning, climbing….. or animations such as traditional dances, the night of the challenges, the giant bear game, volleyball or the mountain evenings. One thing is certain, the Dusserm family has always offered active holidays in their image. Beyond the hike, it is a discovery of the other which occurs, we share our steps.

When you see flowerbeds you can think of Granny Rose who bore her name well and our mother Odette her daughter who continues this passion.

The fruit trees that do not shade the tents are the will of grandma Léo or Eléonore and her son Gérard with his hazelnut trees. At the same time, the campsite, named “Soleil du Pibeste”, was aptly named, with not an inch of shade in 1989. Mum always talked about the sun and its vitamins, when the fog comes in she says to the customers: “the sun is in your heart, have a nice day!

technical challenge taken up by Gérard the family builder and a human challenge. We assembled everything by hand, one in front of the other at the end of the log.  The mutual aid experienced on the farm was also experienced on the campsite. The soul of the campsite, the human adventure, was built on the work of discovering the capacities of each person.

In 1989 it was a pick-your-own tourism. The clients naturally came to us by the national road which passed in front of the campsite without booking. Our geographical location at the foot of the nature reserve, 8 km from Lourdes and Argeles-Gazost.

The 2×2 lane road passed outside the village and took away this natural flow of customers. We started to communicate on the web and at trade shows in France and abroad.

Peace and quiet settled in at the campsite. Sylvain and Odette were able to take advantage of this calm to offer a wellness area. Already teachers of QI Gong and Taiji Quan, they were able to offer to the tired customers of a year a place to regenerate, this space became the heart of the campsite. Sylvain, to the delight of the customers, has set up a place for massages.
Luc Dusserm, campsite manager

The opening of a “baraque à frites”, then a restaurant, also changed the atmosphere of the campsite. Sharing a table has left its mark on the holidaymakers: the Bigorre menus, the mussels and chips, the spit cake, the giant mountain raclettes… Our children were enthusiastic and involved, Jean-baptiste delivered pizzas on his skateboard, Louann and Tom set the tables and Zilia and Maël sang our mountains at the beginning of the meal. The meals are associated in our family with the “cantère”, we think of our grandfather Eloi who sang opera arias for his lover or Jules who sang the Pyrenees.

At the 20th anniversary of the Soleil du Pibeste we realised that holidaymakers are also a family. We meet each other every year, we know each other’s aunts and uncles… and the children who once came on holiday to the Pibeste now come with their own children. So goes life in the sunshine of Le Pibeste, the history of the campsite is rich in encounters, it is up to us to build the future.

Over the years we have enjoyed offering holidays for everyone. Holidaymakers come from all countries, from all social classes and this meeting is interesting. We have adapted the campsite to welcome groups, since 2010 we have been awarded the Tourism and Disability label and it is a great joy to welcome senior citizens, families with babies who come to breathe the Pyrenean air for the first time, Pyrenean dog breeders, large families, cousinades, conferences, sportsmen, contemplative people, seminars, bikers, weddings…fraternal links have been created.

Luc Dusserm, campsite manager

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